What should I know about ORNAP?

ORNAP is a non-stock, non-political, and non-sectarian organization, with the following objectives:

  1. To unite perioperative nurses of the Philippines.
  2. To promote the highest professional standards of perioperative nursing practice for the optimum care of patients.
  3. To provide opportunity for continuous learning through diversified educational activities.
  4. To exchange information and disseminate research findings in the field of perioperative nursing.
  5. To establish linkages with government and non-government professional organizations, healthcare and teaching facilities, research organizations, and the like relative to the goals of the association.

What types of membership could I choose from?


  1. A registered nurse who currently manages, teaches, or practices perioperative nursing either full time or part time.
  2. A perioperative nurse enrolled in a formal nursing education or engaged in perioperative research.
  3. Regularly pays the annual association dues.


Any active perioperative nurse who signifies membership for life and pays the dues in the amount determined by the board and has been a regular member for three consecutive years.

As a Member, What Rights Do I Have?

Base on your type of membership, you have the right to:


  1. Vote and be voted upon.
  2. Hold an elective office.
  3. Participate in all activities of the association.
  4. Examine the books of the association following the set of procedures.
  5. The mutual aide fund of Php 1,000.00.
  6. Subscription of the ORNAP Newsletter.


All of the above, except to hold an elective office.


  1. Entitled to all of the privileges of the regular member.
  2. Entitled to the Mutual Fund of Php 5,000.00.

What are my Benefits?

    1. Opportunities to attend seminars sponsored by ORNAP.
    2. Opportunities to attend the Annual ORNAP Convention.
    3. Scholarship, awards, or recognition.
    4. Mutual Aide.
    5. Quarterly copy of newsletter.
    6. Legal assistance.